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PUBG Season 4 Updated

PUBG Season 4 Updated 2019 PUBG Corp. Has released the Season 4 update for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for PC. It has been introduced with many major changes. These changes include shooters, changes in original maps, new Survivor passes, new missions, new rides etc. The biggest change in this happened with Erangel Map. This map has been given a large visual overhaul. The company has said that the graphic quality of the Erburn Map area is being provided. This will give users the experience of playing games and get better.

What's in the PUBG Season 4 update: The company has said that we have updated the existing teren, signage and buildings. Also in some areas the buildings have also been edited. Some elements have been added and are planned to improve Erangel's history. It includes tranchez, blast marks, camou nets and tanks. They have been made available in different areas of the map. Let us know that Survivor Pass can be played in PC. It can be bought in $ 10. In this, players get access to complete Seasons, Premium and Weekly missions. On crossing this level players will unlock new cosmetics and other rewards. This includes clothes, weapons, skins etc.

New Corporate Mission System Presented: Season 4 Survivor Pass has also introduced a new corporate mission system. This is largely like the party Asset feature of Fortnite. This gives the player the freedom to pursue the mission by teaming up with his friend. This season's new Weekly mission will be held every Wednesday. This new pass will be active until October 15.

File of PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 At the last stage: Only 16 teams have qualified in its prelims. The most important thing is that one of the 16 teams is Indian. The name of this team is Team Soul. The final of this event will be held in Berlin from July 26 to July 28. The winning team will be given a prize of $ 1,80,000 (that is, about 1,24,15,950 rupees).

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