शनिवार, 27 जुलाई 2019

These new services are now present for Jio users

Reliance Jio launched a new digital assistant named Jio Saarthi. These Assistant Mygeo will be available in the app. Jio Saarthi is a voice-based assistant, designed to make it easy for customers to recharge their numbers. Geo Starley will be available for both Android and ios on July 27, which means iGoogle

Geo Charthi is a special digital assistant of his own kind. It has been specially designed for customers who have a little trouble recharging through the MyJio app. The company believes that through Jio Saarthi more and more users will begin to recharge digital

Geostarty will guide digital assistant users during the recharge process. This assistant will guide the users in a step-by-step manner about the whole recharge process. It will also tell you where to get your card number and where to enter it. Currently, Geo charioteer has been made available in Hindi and English, but later it will also be offered in 12 local languages

The company says that the live users who have not yet made online recharge via the Myageo app, will be the show. Although the rest will also be visible and you will need to update the app to use Assistant. To use Geostarty, you have to open the app and go to the recharge option and click on Geo Chordi Assistant. After this the charioteer assistant will start guiding you

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