शनिवार, 27 जुलाई 2019

Detel Smart 4K LED TV in India

Indian electronic company Detel has introduced its first 4 TVs in the market. This TV in DeTel has a large display of 65 inches 4 resolution. Apart from this, there is also support for Android. This 65-inch 4-tech TV of DeTel is priced at Rs 57,999 and can be purchased from the website of PettyM, Amazon and DeTel.

Detel 65-inch 4-TV Specifications

The resolution of this TV screen is 3840X2160 pixels. Apart from this, two speakers of 10 watt have been given in it. This TV has been supported by Android. It will get 8GB of storage with 1 GB RAM. For connectivity, it has two USB ports and two HDMI ports. Popular TV pre-installs like YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hot Star will be available in this TV.

Explain that a few days ago, the company has introduced the cheapest LED TV of Rs 3,999, which has a 19-inch display. This TV has a 1366 × 768 pixel display resolution and 12 W speaker.

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