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Airtel's new offer get 33GB free data

 Airtel 33GB free data For the first time Airtel has received news of relief for the first time after the entry of Geo in Telecom Market. With the rise in revenue of Airtel, its network has so far consumed the highest data on its network. Airtel is the second largest company in terms of data usage. To move forward from Geo, the company has now started giving extra data to its users.

Airtel has started offering offers to give users 33GB of free data through Thanks offers. To take advantage of this offer, users will have to take a recharge plan of Rs 399. In the data pack of Rs 399, Airtel gives users unlimited collateral benefit with 84 days of validity. Apart from this, users can also use 1GB of data every day. Users get the benefit of sending 100 messages every day in this pack.

In order to take advantage of the offer, the user must download the latest version of the Airtel My App in his phone. When you open Airtel Mai-up, you will get a special offer option. After selecting that option, Extra 33GB data will be added to the user's account.

Users will first be able to use 1GB of data every day in the recharge of 399 rupees. As soon as the data is finished, the additional 33GB of data will be added to the user's account. There will be no limit in the day to use.
Although this is not the first time the companies are offering such data offers. Companies such as Geo and Vodafone have already given similar offers to their users.

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